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The company

About Velas Vip

Family business with production capacity of 30 to 40 thousand candles per day.

Since 2006.


Our history

It is with perseverance and a fighting spirit that the history of Velas Vip was made, established in the Cardigos Industrial Zone, in the municipality of Mação.

It is tradition to associate Cardigos with the manufacture of candles given the number of industries that have always existed in the region:
the “Land of Candles”.

The begining

It was with the acquisition of one of the oldest candle factories in Portugal, operating since 1850, that Velas Vip began its activity, in a continuous work passed from father to son. After the installations passed through Vila de Rei and Vale da Urra, they ended up permanently settling in the initial location: Cardigos, the Land of Sails.

The acquisition of the second largest candle manufacturing company, Custoivelas, in Maia, made it possible to expand the product offering.

Our market

Production is practically absorbed by the national market, with 90% of customers above Coimbra.


“90% is from Coimbra onwards because the tradition of cemeteries is more deeply rooted in the north of the country. In the north, cemeteries are still next to churches. In the south this no longer happens because the Arabs, when they came here, placed the cemeteries outside the localities. And in the north, they go to mass and stop by the cemetery. And if my neighbor put two candles, I’ll put three.”

Sérgio Martins


The team

Indústrias VIP employs 14 employees, 12 of which are from the parish of Cardigos.

The company’s medium-term objective is to expand, in terms of contracting and mechanization, in order to satisfy the needs of its customers and distributors and, subsequently, expand the offer of candle types.



Email: geral@velasvip.pt

Phone: +351 918 777 128

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Zona Industrial Cardigos, Lt. 12/13.
6120-214 Cardigos
Mação, Santarém