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Our candles

Candle Categories

Velas Vip is the largest manufacturer of cemetery candles in the Iberian Peninsula.

We have different types of candles, depending on the type of glass, color and size.

The raw material used is paraffin, a by-product of petroleum, which allows for a higher quality product at economical prices.

Saints candles

Between 30 and 80 cl.

Worship Candles

Between 20 and 80 cl.

Candles with motif

Between 30 to 80cl.

Procession Candles

Between 50 to 100cm.


Various formats

Shaped candles

Various shapes

Candles for worship

Candles, tapers and waxes

Didn’t find the candle you’re looking for?

We try to stay up to date with market trends.
Velas Vip’s objective is to remain one of the main candle suppliers in the Iberian Peninsula. To this end, satisfying the needs of our customers will always come first.
If you haven’t found the candle you are looking for, contact our services. We will analyze your request and present the best way to supply the candle you want.


Email: geral@velasvip.pt

Phone: +351 918 777 128

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